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Who is 4-Wheeling-in-NSW I hear you ask ?

This site was born out of the love, no I would say obsession ! with camping, the bush and four wheel driving !  




     As a kid growing up mum and dad had a few four wheel

     drives, a MINT condition 1981 BJ42 Land Cruiser SWB

     ( an absolute weapon off road ), then later a HJ60

     non-turbo diesel automatic LWB Land Cruiser wagon

     ( the hill detector ) and most recently a GU Patrol turbo

     diesel ute and a mint 80 series Cruiser.

Dad took my brother and I fishing and camping usually up in and around Seal Rocks on the north coast of NSW and out past Lithgow to Capertee Valley on an annual “father and son” weekend which, I can hand on heart say were the greatest weekends of our lives !  

A dear friend of our dad owned a stunning 584 acre property in Glen Alice, within the Capertee Valley, and one weekend a year he let other close friends and their sons come up and spend an entire weekend doing what the kids wanted – motorbike riding, four wheel driving and sitting up around a camp fire until all hours in the morning.

No mum there telling us to get to bed, or to change out of our muddy clothes, or to stop running around while holding blazing sticks up in the crisp cool air pointing towards the clear open star lit sky.  Looking back on it now I would say these were our best weekends ever and some of our fondest memories I'll treasure forever !

Fast forward 20 years and now I am embarking on creating the same awesome memories for my two daughters. We regularly get out to spots mostly around Lithgow, mainly because it’s only an hour and a half from home and has some of the best camping spots. We love it out there because even when camping in summer, the nights are still quite cool so you can enjoy an open fire while staring at the stars. There are some great tracks out there too which can cater from stock standard 4WD’s through to monster trucks.

My thirst for four wheel driving is almost as unquenchable as my thirst for camping. For people who don’t camp, I don’t think they’ll ever get it. It’s something about going back to basics…no power ( the sites we love the most ! )…no phone service…no noisy neighbours, no wifi or any mod' cons.  Kids truly are kids while camping. They'll spend hours doing the old school things that kids used to do before the evil invention of the iPhone, iPod, iWatch and the "i'mBored"

It’s the adventure of crawling in on some uncharted tracks, finding that ideal camp spot that will accommodate all your gear once set up and grabbing that perfect flat spot to roll out your tent or swag. It's's almost colonial to an extent. 

Nothing is more relaxing than sitting somewhere around a camp site with nothing but a week off work and a cold beverage.

I used to sleep in a tent with my wife and kids however thanks to my “snoring” and the recent addition of an AWESOME double swag thanks to Santa, I'm definitely a swag convert. Swags are the best for camping… They take all of two minutes, if that, to set up and they are so comfy and cozy that you will get one of the best nights sleep ever !  Just make sure you take the time to properly season it ( an not with chicken salt 😉 … ) so that in the event of a down pour, you’ll stay dry and warm right through the night.

I feel very blessed because my wife and 2 daughters all love the outdoors, the bush and the camping lifestyle as much as I do so there’s never any arguments when I suggest a trip out. It’s more a race to see who can pack the quickest !

Being a professional photographer, I really love combining these two great passions of getting out to stunning locations and being able to capture them in print.

More images will be uploaded as soon as possible, so be sure to keep an eye on this site.

Thanks for stopping by. 

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