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 We are trialling a new "shopping function plug in" to this site so hopefully it's working 100% now.

 If for any reason it's not, simply email :  with exactly what you would like to order and we'll make other   arrangements for payment be it EFT to our NAB account or via PayPal. 

 I am working to resolve a better long term solution and apologise for any inconvenience in the interim.  Grant 

As far as postage on the chopping boards,  to keep them competitive with all the cheap inferior imported rubbish available today, postage is capped at $ 20 Australia wide to make it easy for everyone. However if it's a $ or two dearer, I'll wear it but if it's a fair bit more, I may have to contact you with an exact cost. Sorry but postage within Australia is ridiculous. If it's under $20, I'll throw the change in the bag - I think that's a pretty fair deal. 

The boards are random in colour, pattern / grain and slight shape based on the size chosen. 

Thank you for coming to check out our range of fantastic merchandise. By purchasing any of these items, you are helping to support our business which in turn allows us to continue bringing you more content regularly, effectively making you a partner in content creation. So thanks again, it's greatly and sincerely appreciated.