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here you'll find tips, hints and all things camp related

stress less ...

camp more !!!

First and foremost - just get out and camp !

So many people baulk and put off camping because they don't own a camper trailer ...

or don't own a 4x4 ... or don't have a caravan. It doesn't matter what vehicle you own or drive, you CAN get out and camp. Even if it's a small sedan with roof racks and a tent or swag in the boot, there is nothing stopping you from camping. 

I was at the DFCE2018 back in May this year ( #drifta #dfce2018 ) and as can be seen in the picture on the right, you can camp in any vehicle. You don't need a lifted monster truck.


Yes a 4 wheel drive can certainly help to get you into the more remote areas away from the crowds however depending on your camping desire and style, you can still camp. 


just get out and camp !!!   

  • remember to make sure you properly season your swag and / or canvas products to ensure they're waterproof

  • I find it better to take it camping and not need it, than to need it and not have taken it

  • a tarpaulin, even a cheap one, is always worth having stashed away in your vehicle or trailer ... great for multiple uses

  • if you plan to camp for say 2-3 days, maybe 4, you can get away with a quality "ice box" - not an esky but the proper thick walled ice boxes. Anything longer or in the middle of summer you may require a 12v fridge - which may require an auxiliary battery set up

  • remember to always let someone know where you're venturing so in case of an emergency, you can be easily found

  • make sure you keep a small stash of dry matches, a lighter etc and some paper in case you need a fire in an emergency

  • don't camp down on the river bank or too close to the water as heavy rain hours away further upstream can cause flooding where you are

  • be sure to try before you buy and try to stretch your budget as far as possible when it comes to comfy camp chairs. You'll tire quickly of cheap uncomfortable ones and ended up buying several cheaper ones than one really good one

You need to assess what sort of camper you are and how many people you intend taking.

Loner or take a crowd ?


Swag or Tent

If you're a lone camper and don't need an abundance of extra bits n pieces along the way, then a swag may suit you best. Swags are fantastic. I absolutely L O V E my swag !!! I sleep better in my swag than in my bed at home. They're comfy, super warm, super quick to set up and are so easy to pack away and transport. They're usually made from heavy duty thick canvas material that hold their warmth inside exceptionally well and are water "proof" to an extent. You can treat them in various ways to make them even more water resistant however if seasoned properly, well maintained and looked after, you'll have yourself a great bit of camp gear for years to come !


If going on a bloke's trip, traveling by yourself, single occupant of a vehicle in a convoy or you just love to sleep under the stars then the swag is for you.

  • super fast set up / pack up 

  • come in a range of styles and sizes suited to 1 or 2 person accommodation

  • versatile

  • can be lifted up onto stretcher beds to get you off the ground if worried about snakes and the like 



  • can be a little bulky in smaller vehicles

  • relatively inexpensive nowadays

  • minimal if no maintenance at all

  • some people can find them a little claustrophobic - like sleeping in a coffin I've been told

  • low to the ground so climbing in and out can be a pain if you have a crook back or knees

  • even though waterproof on the bottom, not great when on the ground if you get a real heavy down pour

  • back to basic bushman nostalgic style camping ... just like the good old drover days

the one single biggest thing I can't stress enough is take your rubbish out with you !!! 

If you can take it in you can take it out !

PLEASE don't give the authorities any reason to lock off more tracks and close more camp sites 

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